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Juliette lays in a trunk. She wears a white blouse and a black skirt. She is blindfolded and her hands are cuffed in front of her. She also wears nylons and open toe sandals. Her feets are cuffed with anklecuffs and on her neck sits a slavecollar. The car stops and a guy opens the trunk and commands Juliette out of the car. They goes in a cellar. There he prepares her for the next step. First her uncuffs her und he takes the blindfold away. Then she has to take of her clothes. Her hands are cuffed behind her back with leathercuffs. On her neck sits now a leather slavecollar. He pushes an analplugg in her ass and later the plugg is fixed with a belt. She gets also a ringgag and through the ringgag he pushes also an inflatable gag in her mouth. Now its time for the nipples. He slowly put on nippleclamps. On her feets are now also leathercuffs. The guy connects the anklecuffs with a chain. Not so easy to go. But Juliette has to go upstairs. She doesn’t know, what happens to her upstairs.

Displayed And Caned

Juliette 30:30 minutes Bondage
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Juliette is waiting in the punishment room for a new challenge. She wears sexy white stockings and a white slip and a sexy babydoll. A black rope is bound tightly aroung her waist and pussy. A heavy steel slavecollar is attached around her neck and she wears shackles at her wrists. Her master brings over a penis gag and puts it in her mouth. He takes off the babydoll and we see metal nipple clamps at her nipples. Juliette has to bend over a small chair. The guy connects the shackles on the chair. He takes off the steel slavecollar and buckles a leathered slavecollar around her neck. He connects her ankles with leatherbelts to her legs. Then he takes out the penisgag and pushes another black penis gag in her mouth. Now he takes off the metal nipple clamps. It hurts so much. Juliette whimpers. He takes clothespins and attaches both on her nipples. Time for the rod. He strikes her breasts, pussy, belly and thighs. Juliette moans and screams loudly. She has tears in her eyes. It hurts extremly.

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Obediance Training XXL  8
Obediance Training XXL  9

Juliette comes in a room. She wears an ugly pyjama and shackles around her wrists and ankles. Around her neck is a silver slavercollar attached. Her master uncuffs the shackles. Now it is possible for Juliette to take off the pyjama and of course the bra. Her master gives her nippleclamps. She has to make her nipples hard to attach the clamps. Of course Juliette does what her master from her wants. The man presses the clamps. OUCH! Now Juliette has also to take of the pants and slip. She wears now only black stockings, nipple clamps and the silvercollar. She stands beside a large mirror. Juliette can always look at herself.

Next Juliette has to kneel on the floor and the man gives her the slip. She pushes the slip in her mouth. The man gives her a white towel and she pushes it also in her mouth. Heavy. The man takes duct tape and tapes the mouth. He pulls a leather mask over her head. And this is not all. He takes a panel gag and gags her with this gag. He brings over a wooden neck stock. Juliette looks in the mirror and put on the neck stock. She stands up for the next step.

The man gives her a vibrator for the butt and the pussy. She pulls the first one in her ass. Thereafter she pushes the other one in her pussy. She tapes the controlbox for the vibrator on her thigh.

Now Juliette has to lay on a large table.

Her master cuffs the arms with four leathercuffs to the table. Thereafter he cuffs also her legs, knees and thighs with leather belts. He takes of the nipple clamps and attaches clothepins to her nipples. Juliette moans a lot. He presses electrical pads on her breasts and connects it with a control box. Juliette get the remote control and now the punishment starts. She pushes the button and she arches her back and moans a lot. The vibrators in butt and pussy works also.This goes for several minutes. The man ungags her and takes of the leather mask and the tape and the clothes in her mouth. Juliette get again the remote control. Now Juliette moans very loudly without stuffed mouth.


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Juliette is is dressed in a long bathrobe, open and pulled down her shoulders to her waist. Underneath she is wearing a white bra and panties. A silver slave collar is secured around her neck. A chain is attached to the collar and the other end to the wall. Her wrists are shackled in front of her and her ankles are also in shackles. A chain connects the ankle shackles to the wrist shackles. She is standing in the corner opposite the door. The room is very dimly lit.

A man enters and turns on the light. He goes over to Juliette and removes the chain from her collar. Juliette knows that she has to receive two hundred strokes with a cane across her breasts, and her nipples will be clamped. Now the man starts. He unshackles her ankles, then her wrists and Juliette has to remove her clothes.

When she is naked the man takes a leather strap and pulls her wrists behind her back, strapping them together tightly. He does the same with her elbows. Next he pulls the arm-binder up her arms and laces and straps it tightly in place.

Now the man tells her to kneel down. She does so and he pulls her head back then stuffs a white cloth into her mouth. He then presses a piece of black tape over her mouth. Next he pulls a leather hood over her head and laces it up the back. He then brings over the panel gag and straps it tightly over the hood. Next he brings over the posture collar and straps it tightly around her neck.

Juliette is laying on the table with her head on one edge. The man comes over carrying a long, black rope. He lifts her feets and ties the rope from the ceiling to her ankles. He secures another length of the black rope tightly around her knees. The man pushes a butt plug into her body. Juliette squirms and moans.

Now the man  is carrying a long cane rod. When the first stroke hits, she writhes and screams loudly. The man continues to strike her slowly at times and at others striking her several times in rapid succession. Juliette screams and twists and writhes as he does. After 100 strokes the man stops and looks down at her. He attaches two clothepins with tape on her nipples. Now he brings over a vibrating dildo. He walks to her hips and holds them apart as he pushes the dildo in slowly. He turns the vibrator on and Juliette arches her back and moans. Suddenly the man strikes her with the rod.  Finally, the man stops. Juliette is on the verge of an orgasm and her body convulses as she screams extremely loudly. She thrashes her head and arches her back as the orgasm explodes within her.


Spy In Distress

Juliette 41:53 minutes Bondage
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What could happen to a spy who feels safe can we see immediately. It begins with a sexy phone call as someone knocks at the door. Juliette opens the door. A masked man rushes in. It’s a undercover policeman who observed Juliette and now it’s time for her arrest. She has to stand at the wall with hand up. She gets leathercuffs and her arms are cuffed behind her back. Juliette moans and says, that he is wrong at her house and that she has not done anything. Because she talks to much she not only get a slavecollar, she also get a harnessgag. Her feets are also cuffed and both leave the room. Not so easy to go, because the anklecuffs interfere with walking. Especially stairs climbing is very difficult. They go to a car and the policeman drives with Juliette to the next interrogation. In the next room Juliette gets also nippleclamps. Nippleclamps let women always talk. But Juliette is obstinate. The guy brings Juliette in another room. There she has to sit on a chair. Juliette wears only the slavecollar and a leather corsage. She has still the nippleclamps on her nipples and her hands are cuffed behind. The man takes a analplug and puts it in her asshole. He fixes the analplug with a collar. Juliette is not amused and she moans. That’s why she gets again the harnessgag. Now she has as punishment to stand on the chair. Her feets are cuffed together and she gets also leatherstrips around her legs. What a hard punishment. It’s so hard to hold the balance if you are tied so strictly.

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Water Punishment  9

Juliettes is leading by a man in the basement by a man. She is dressed in a striped pajama and in nylons. Steel shackles are secured to her ankles and wrists. Her wrists are in front of her body. She is also wearing a heavy steel slave collar. Chains are attached between her wrists and ankles and then from the collar to the chains between her wrists and ankles. A penis gag has been stuffed into her mouth and strapped tightly behind her head. The lights are switched on and the man leads Juliette to a larger table.

Juliette has to stand by the table and he explains that he knows that she has copied files on a disc. And that Mr. Zamboni is also in the basement to watch her interrogation because he want the disc back.

Juliette knows Zamboni is feared for his utter ruthlessness. She looks extremely fearful.

The man removes the chain from her ankle shackles. He then removes the chain from her collar but leaves it on. Next he removes the shackles from her wrists completely.

He slowly unbuttons her shirt and slides it over and down her shoulders. He pulls the shirt off her wrists and holding them, takes the piece of black rope and binds her wrists behind her back.

She is now totally nude and has steel shackles on her ankles, a steel collar around her neck, the penis gag in her mouth and her wrists bound behind her back. The man slowly turns her around so the camera can roam over her body. She looks at it when it looks at her face.

He unbuckles the penis gag and put the ring gag in her mouth. Then he takes her arm and commands her to sit on the larger table, then he makes her lie back until her head and neck are in the cradle on the frame. He takes a bungee cord and hooks one end to the harness, then stretches it to the side of the frame. He does likewise to the other side.

Now the man goes to the other end of the table and picking up Juliette’s feets.

Next the man puts a tall tripod next to Juliette’s head. He places it close enough so she can see it if she looks out of the corner of her eye. It has a funnel attached to it and a long rubber tube hanging from it. Last chance for her to say where the disc is, but Juliette say nothing.

Juliette squirms and writhes as the man pours the water into the funnel. He does it again and again. She moves her legs from time to time. Juliette screams and gurgles, thrashing around in her bindings. 

The man stops pouring the water and goes over to the table where he picks up the clothespins and black tape. He goes over to Juliette and waits while she calms down a little. The man begins to play with her nipple, making it hard and sensitive. After a while he grasps her breast to present her nipple and slides the jaws of the pin over her nipple. He repeats it with the other nipple. He takes a piece of the black tape and places it diagonally over the pin across the spring mechanism.

He now picks up a water jug and pours more into the funnel. Juliette writhes and twists and arches her back.

Finally the man goes to her feet and slowly begins to lift them. As her legs rise and her feet get above the level of her body, the water in her belly pushes against all. Soon Juliette will say all she knows. She tells that her sister has the disc and that her sister will give the disc to a man next day and she begs both men not to punish her sister because she is innocent.

The man leaves her alone in the basement.


An Obediant Slavegirl XXL 0
An Obediant Slavegirl XXL 1
An Obediant Slavegirl XXL 2
An Obediant Slavegirl XXL 3
An Obediant Slavegirl XXL 4
An Obediant Slavegirl XXL 5
An Obediant Slavegirl XXL 6
An Obediant Slavegirl XXL 7
An Obediant Slavegirl XXL 8
An Obediant Slavegirl XXL 9

A guy leads Juliette upstairs in a room. She has to stand in the front of a mirror and bends over. Her hands are cuffed behind her back. She wears a heavy leather slavecollar and an inflatable gag through the ring gag. The guy takes a whip and whips her ass. What a red ass. Fantastic. Juliette drools through the gag. Not so easy to breathe with a ring gag and an inflatable gag. The nippleclamps also pulls her nipples. After whipping she has to kneel down. She still wears both gags in her mouth. The guy uncuffs her hands. She has now to give the man a handjob. She has to pick us his cum. Therefor she has a cup in her other hand.

Juliette gives a handjob and the man comes in the cup. Good slavegirl, good job. Now she has to kneel in the middle of the room. The guy takes leathercuffs and cuffs her hands behind her back again. He takes out the inflatable gag, but the ring gag stays in her mouth. He holds her head back and she has to stick out her tongue and he drops down his cum.

After tasting the masters cum Juliette gets a harnessgag. She has to lay on her back. He takes her feets and a rope and binds her feets to the ceiling. He puts a dildo in her pussy and secures electrical stimulation on her nipples. He puts the button of the remote control and Juliettes tits are stimulated heavily. She moans and struggles a lot. A lot of electrical stimulation for the slavegirl! Juliette moans and struggles a lot. After a hard orgasm he unties Juliette and they go back to the cellar. There she has to put on her clothes again and she gets a silver slavecollar and she has to put on anklecuffs. Her hands are cuffed behind her back and they go to the car and drive away.