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He then brings over a bullet vibrator and shows it to Juliette before slowly pushing it into her pussy. Now Juliette has a vibrator in her pussy and a vibrator in her ass and a vibrator attached to her crotch. Next the man takes electro-stim pads and pressing them in place. The man removes the ball gag and harness. Juliette opens her mouth without being told to receive the bladder the man is now holding. He rolls it around in her mouth and then pumps it up. He then takes a clothespin and toys with Juliette’s nipple. She shakes her head “No” and whines loudly as he does. He pinches her nipple and slowly slides the jaws of the clothespin over it. Juliette screams when he closes the jaws on her nipple. The man brings over another clothespin and places it on her other nipple.

The man then turns on the butt vibrator. Juliette cries out and strains to rise off the saddle. She writhes and twists back and forth. Juliette is sweating profusely now. The man brings over a pair of electro breast pads. He slowly removes the clothespin. Next the man picks a pair of vibrating nipple clamps  and places one over her nipple and releases it. He does likewise to her other nipple. He picks up the control box again. Juliette watches him and screams, shaking her head “No” when he does. He presses the button and Juliette screams loudly. The man leaves the scene and comes back with a pitcher of ice water. Suddenly the man pours the water over the front of her shoulders and down her chest. Juliette screams loudly and thrashes wildly in the saddle. The man removes the harness and bladder. Juliette gasps for breathe. The man brings over a bottle of water and holds it in front of Juliette. She opens her mouth hungrily as he pours it in. Now the man says to her that it is time for her orgasm. The man stands beside Juliette, holds her arm and says to the audience, that Juliette receive now a mind blowing orgasm with five vibrators on her body at the same time. The man turns on all vibrators. Juliette’s body shudders and she screams loudly. The man picks up the water pitcher and waits for the orgasm to rise in Juliette’s body. When she is close, he pours the water over her chest again. Juliette screams. She is beside herself when she finally has an explosive orgasm.