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Juliette is standing against the wall in a room. A bright silver metal collar is secured around her neck and it is attached to the wall by a chain. A man comes in and says to her that it is time to get ready for the entertainment of her owner’s guests at the birthday party. Juliette stands up and the man moves her in front of a mirror and tells her to hold open her shirt. He removes the bright collar and replaces it around her neck with a steel neck shackle. He removes her shirt. Then he puts shackles on her wrists and on her ankles. The man brings over a short black bar and attaches one end to the ring in the neck shackle. He then secures the wrist shackles to the other end of the bar with a small padlock. He takes a short leather strap and secures it around her elbows and the bar. He then holds a large ball gag in front of Juliette’s face. She opens her mouth without being told. The man pushes the ball gag in her mouth and secures the straps behind her head and under her chin very tightly. He then brings over a harness/panel gag and secures the straps around Juliette’s head so the ball is visible in the hole of the panel. Now Juliette has to go in the studio upstairs.

Juliette enters the room looking directly at the camera. The man comes in and takes her arm and leads her to several pallets. On top of the pallets sits a saddle device. He moves Juliette behind the pallets and Juliette has to stand on the pallets. The man pulls Juliette’s shorts down her legs and off. Juliette has now to sit on the saddle. She squirms to get comfortable. The man now connects a chain between her ankle shackles. He picks up a black vibrating, inflatable butt plug and shows it to Juliette. She shakes her head and whimpers. The man goes behind Juliette and she has to bend forward. The man pushes the plug in very slowly. Juliette squirms and moans loudly as the man pumps the bladder several times to inflate it. He then puts the control unit of the vibrator into the top of Juliette’s stocking. He then brings over a length of black rope and a Hitachi vibrator. Juliette watches as he places the vibrator snugly against her crotch.