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Juliette wears a bathrobe and has shackles on wrists and ankles and a neck shackle with a chain. A man leads Juliette in the punishment room and asks her, why she is here today. She answers that she was not in her cell on time. The man replies, that her owner has instructed him to be very harsh this time and he also has invited some friends to watch her punishment on TV. First she has to put on nylons that's we he take off the shackles and the bathrobe. Thereafter she stands in front of a mirror and he ties her wrists and elbows with leather straps. He shows her nipple suckers, clothespins and the Hitachi vibrator. He asks her if she know the first punishment. She answers that she will get 100 strokes of a rod across each of her breasts. She has to sit on the slave chair. She places her ankles in the shackles and he secures the shackles over her ankles and puts straps over her thighs. The man stands up and removes the neck shackle. He then places the wooden neck stock around her neck and secures it. He brings over the large ball gag and he pulls it into her mouth. Now the man brings over the bullet vibrator and shows it to Juliette. She squirms and screams in protest as he bends down and pushes it into her body. Next he brings over the Hitachi and secures it in place snugly against her crotch. The man picks up a heavy leather strap and puts the leather strap around her chest. The man then brings over the bamboo rod. He draws it over Juliette’s chest. Juliette is terrified writhing and screaming, shaking her head “No” in protest. The man strikes her breast and Juliette screams and writhes. The man continues to strike her breast sometimes rhythmically, sometimes randomly, sometimes in rapid succession. Juliette screams and twists and shakes. Finally, the man stops at about 100 strokes. He waits until Juliette calms down. But that was not all. She has to get 100 strokes more on the other site. Now the man brings over the pair of nipple suckers and shows them to Juliette. She rolls her head “No” in protest. When he has applied suckers to each of her nipples he brings over the electro pads and puts them on her breasts. Now the man brings over the harness ring gag and places it on Juliette’s shoulder. He goes behind her and releases the ball gag. She gets the new ring gag. He picks up the inflatable bladder. He pulls the gag deep into her mouth and pumps the bulb. The man picks up the remote device and walks over to Juliette. Suddenly Juliette’s body strains, she arches her back and she screams loudly as the current passes into her breasts. She shakes her head as it continues. Shortly the man stops it and waits a few seconds before pressing the button again. When she calms, the man now brings over a pair of clothespins and shows them to Juliette. She thrashes her head back and forth and tries to scream “No” into the gag. The man removes one of the suckers and places the clothespin. He does it also with the second. He adjusts the vertical bar back down to Juliette’s shoulders then takes the foam tube and pushes it into the ring in Juliette’s mouth. He next takes the funnel and pulls it into the tube in the ring. The man is holding the water bottle over the funnel. The man begins to pour it down her throat. Juliette is gagging while trying to scream. He stops pouring it so Juliette can swallow what is in her mouth. Then the man pours more in.  After Juliette has swallowed all the water, she is making sobbing sounds and breathing extremely heavily. The man strokes her forehead and says, “So now you are punished, Juliette”. She looks at him and nods, then looks at the camera. The man removes the strap from around her chest and Juliette sighs heavily. He then goes behind her and removes the harness gag. Juliette says, “Thank you, Master.” He pulls Juliette’s head back by her hair and says, “Alright Juliette I think you have learned your lesson, so I will now give you a reward. In fact, I will give you a choice of gags. You may have the ball gag again, the penis gag or have your mouth packed. Which do you want?” Juliette chooses the penis gag. He gags her with the penis gag. When done, he takes the bullet vibrator and places it at the top of her labia then presses a short piece of red tape over it to hold it in place. Next he takes the Hitachi and pushes it against Juliette’s crotch as hard as he can. Juliette moans loudly. He then reaches down and turns on the vibrators. Juliette’s body convulses, she moans loudly and arches her back tremendously. She rolls her head. The man comes over and unlocks the wheels on the chair. He moves it around as Juliette struggles and screams. Finally Juliette has an incredible orgasm. The man turns off the vibrators and allows Juliette to calm. The man slowly releases the collar and removes the gag. He gently massages Juliette’s neck for some seconds. The man then gathers her hair and pulls her head back into the collar. She looks surprised and fearful as he re-secures the collar around her neck. Now he begins to move the chair around. The man tells her that her owner has allowed his guests to asks her some questions. She has now to answers all the questions. Juliette does it.