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Juliette is a psychology student. She wants a video of a session because she wants to see her reactions to the pain. The session starts in the punishment room.

An impalement stand is in the middle of the room and hanging above it are the long stocks suspended from the ceiling over the stand. He pushes her over to the stand. He makes her turn around and stand on it and then secures shackles over her ankles. Next, he removes the straps from her wrists and elbows and takes one arm and stretches it to the end of the stock so he can secure a leather strap tightly over it. He does the same to her other wrist. When done the man fondles Juliette’s breasts roughly. Juliette squeals and moans. Now the man brings over a breather gag and harness panel gag and Juliette gets it. Then the man takes a vibrating butt plug from the board and shows it to Juliette as he lubricates it. She watches him terrified. He goes behind her and spreads her buttocks with his fingers. He very slowly pushes it into Juliette’s rectum. Juliette screams loudly.

The man now brings over a rubber dildo and shows it to Juliette. Her eyes grow wide. He slowly begins to work the dildo into her body, moving it in and out, twisting it and pushes it more deeply into Juliette’s body. She is moaning and twisting her body. Finally, the man pushes the dildo into Juliette, attaches it to the vertical bar and leaves it there. The man brings over a bamboo rod and slowly draws it over Juliette’s body. Suddenly he strikes Juliette’s stomach with the rod. This goes on for some minutes until finally, the man stops. He goes behind her and turns on the vibrating butt plug. Juliette thrusts her hips forward and moans. The man strikes her body relentlessly. Finally she has a tremendous orgasm. The man allows her to calm down. 

He shows her clothespins and he brings over a rubber ball, latex mask and harness panel gag. He shows the ball to Juliette and she opens her mouth without being told. Next, he pulls the mask over her head. The man brings over a Hitachi vibrator and pushes it as snugly into Juliette’s crotch as he can. Now he shows Juliette the clothespins as he toys with her nipple. He shows the clamp to Juliette before slowly rubbing it on her nipple. Juliette moans loudly as the man applies the clamp to her nipple. He turns on the spigot in the ball. The man picks up the rod and begins to strike her body all over.

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