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Juliette comes in the room of her master. She wears a skirt and a blouse and black stockings. She has to take off her clothes. The men puts a leather belt around her waist. With leather belts he ties her ellbows and wrists strict together. She also get an armbinder. Now Juliette has to bend over. He pushes an anal plugg in her ass and fixes the plugg with the leather belt. Juliette has to go to a wooden tool. She has to kneel down. He ties her to the wooden tool in a really uncomfortable position. Her gags her with tape. She gets a leather mask and a panel gag over it. Thereafter she also gets a wooden neck stock. He blindfolds her with a leather blindfold. He takes a whip and strikes her breasts. Juliette moans a lot but she can't move because of the strict bindings. He takes clothepins and attaches these to her nipples. He takes electro pads and sticks it on her tits. He pushes a vibrator in her pussy. After a while he takes off the blindfold and also the clothepins and electro pads. Now Juliette can see other nippleclamps he holds in front of her face. He attaches the nippleclamps to her nipples. Juliette is breathless. Her arms and knees hurts due to the uncormfortable bondage position. She only wants that this stop. But her master has no hurry. He takes off the panelgag, the mask and so on.