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Juliette is standing in a room. A heavy steel shackle is secured around her neck. Her wrists are shackled in front of her. Her ankles are in shackles connected by a chain. A man comes in. He stands beside Juliette and says to her that her new owner is watching her over CTTV. He also explains that today is an orientation session to test her to find out her limits. He then removes the wrist and ankle shackles. He tells her to strip and put on thigh high nylons. When she is done, Juliette stands up and goes to a mirror standing against the wall. She looks at herself in it. The man stands behind her with a large ball gag and holds it in front of her face. She opens her mouth wide without being told and he pulls the gag into her mouth and secures it behind her head. The man brings over a bullet vibrator. She bends over without being told while the man lubricates it. He then inserts it into her vagina and puts the control unit in the stocking top.Now the man brings over the vibrator belt. He straps it around Juliette’s waist. The man brings over leather straps and binds her wrists and elbows together. He pulls Juliette over to one side of the room, then rolls in a slave chair into place. Juliette watches the man intently as he prepares the chair. She has to sit on the chair and he places her ankles in the shackles. The man brings over two heavy leather straps that he secures over her thighs. Next he removes the neck shackle and then secures a wooden neck stock around her neck. The man brings over a rubber, inflatable harness breather gag. She looks at it fearfully. The man removes the ball gag. Juliette gasps and opens her mouth without being told and the man places the plug of the breather gag in her mouth and pulls the strap behind her head to secure it tightly. He takes the pump of the gag and begins queezing it. Juliette’s eyes grow wide. He then leaves the scene while the camera looks at Juliette’s face.