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Ponygirl Juliette comes in a room. She is blindfold and harnessgagged. She wears a body leather harness and riding boots. Her feets are cuffed. She only can go slowly. After removing the anklecuffs and the riding boots, her master allows her to get some water. Of course with harnessgag. Now her master will leave her for a while. That’s why the ponygirl has to go in a cage. There she is fixed with wooden bars. Oh god, it is almost unbearable. The bars pushes her body and it’s not possible to move in the cage. The ponygirl drools trough the gag. How long does this nightmare takes? After a long time the master arrives and take out the bars. Juliette can hardly move. He removes the harnessgag. Now it’s time for the slavechair with attached vibrator. The ponygirl has to sit on the chair. Her hands and feets are cuffed to the chair. Also her neck is cuffed with a chain slavecollar. Now he pushes a electrical dildo in her pussi and he puts two electropads on her tits. Time for little electrical stimulation. OUCH. He starts the vibrator and while the vibrator stimulates her vagina the guy pushes the button of the electrical stimulation. Wow.

Ponygirl Juliette has to stand up from the slavechair. She has to put on again the riding boots. She is very submissive and doesn’t say a word. Now she has to stride through the room. She has to lift her legs. She shall walk graceful. He gags her with a pony harnessgag and ties her hands and upperarms with leathercuffs. All for a graceful bearing. She also gets leathercuffs at the ankles and thighs. He puts some electrical pads on her tits. Now they sit on the sofa. While he is reading, she sits very quiet beside him.

The next we see is the ponygirl in the cold basement. There she stands on a spanish rider. She can’t move. She stands very still and silent and the guy cames and stimulates her pussy with a vibrator. He gags her also with a penisgag and stimulates again the pussy of the submissive ponygirl.