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Juliette is waiting in the punishment room for a new challenge. She wears sexy white stockings and a white slip and a sexy babydoll. A black rope is bound tightly aroung her waist and pussy. A heavy steel slavecollar is attached around her neck and she wears shackles at her wrists. Her master brings over a penis gag and puts it in her mouth. He takes off the babydoll and we see metal nipple clamps at her nipples. Juliette has to bend over a small chair. The guy connects the shackles on the chair. He takes off the steel slavecollar and buckles a leathered slavecollar around her neck. He connects her ankles with leatherbelts to her legs. Then he takes out the penisgag and pushes another black penis gag in her mouth. Now he takes off the metal nipple clamps. It hurts so much. Juliette whimpers. He takes clothespins and attaches both on her nipples. Time for the rod. He strikes her breasts, pussy, belly and thighs. Juliette moans and screams loudly. She has tears in her eyes. It hurts extremly.