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Juliette comes home after her trip and wants to take a shower first. After the shower she finds a letter. It's about her sister Janet and after she finished reading the letter she only wants one thing: Revenge. She prepares herself for the journey.

Next we see is Juliette. She goes through a forest and searches after the way. She knows that the bad guys are near. And really: Suddenly a man stops her. He laughs about her and her outfit. But Juliette is strong. She overpowers him and he lays on the floor and can't do anything. Now Juliette laughs and goes away. She finds the house of the bad guys and goes in. But now the evil man overpowers her. Juliette lays on the floor. He kicks her arms and legs like a cross. He takes off her bra and cuffs her wrists with handcuffs. He also takes off her skirt. He carries her to a chair. He sits down and Juliette lays over his knees. He touches her neck and breast and her whole body. It's time for the next step. Who ist she? What do she wants from him? He has no idea what her plan is. So he has an idea how she will tell him all.

Juliette lays in an uncomfortable way on a chair. But with the head on the floor. He takes a pole and tapes her wrists to the pole. He ties her toes with a rope and attaches the rope to the chair with handcuffs. As he is ready he takes water and a sponge and clean her face. Juliette awakes and realizes what has happened. She can't believe it, that she is again in his hands. Juliette is angry now. She won't tell him what he wants to know. He takes a look in her bag and laughs about the things she has in her bag. Some sunoil. He oils her body. He takes the knife and strokes under her armpits, breasts and feets. Juliette moans a lot. He attaches clothepins on her nipples. It hurts so much. He also finds a little elektro shocker in her bag. He shocks the whole body of Juliette. Juliette is breathless but the interrogation is not over. Now he tickles Juliette. Oh god. Juliette laughs highly and it's cruel as he tickles her under the feets. Juliette is so ticklish. He takes her hairbrush and strokes her armpits and breasts and the whole body. Juliette begs to stop it. She will not longer lay there and be punished. He unties her toes and Juliette can stand up. He tapes the pole not only at her wrists. He also tapes her upperarms to the pole. It's not over for Juliette. Time for the next punishment.

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