Returned For Punishment XXL

Juliette 62:59 minutes BDSM
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Juliette is returned to her master. Her owner was not satisfied with her. So the master has to train her again. She gets a neck stock and she goes in the punishment room. She knows the way.

In the cellar waits a lot of bondage equipment like nipple squeezers, vibrators, mask, slavecollar, gags and much more. The man takes off the wooden neck stock and Juliette gets a vibrating butt plug. It hurts extremly as he pushes the butt vibrator in her ass. Thereafter she has to kneel on a table and bend backwards. So she has to stay a very long time. All the time punished with nipple crushers and a dildo on a stick. Of course the man pours water in Juliette's mouth.


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Private Investigator In Distress 9

Juliette is a private investigator and she stays fit because she does a lot of training at home. While the training her mobike is ringing. A new mission is waiting for her. Two girls are missed in Paraguay and if Juliette discovers both girls she gets 20.000 Euro. What a mission. Of course Juliette wants to do this job and she travels to Paraguay.

In the woods of Paraguay she searches after the place where the girls stayed at least. It's really hot and Juliette sweats and after a while Juliette discovers the tent of the girls. Juliette calls but nobody answer. Now Juliette takes of her blouse. Nobody in the vicinity. But she doesn't know that a guy watches her the whole time with a field glasses. Juliette searches after hints and walks directly to the guy. He overpowers her and Juliette has to take her hands behind her head. He asks who she is and Juliette replies thats she has holidays and that she searches after rarely lizards. The guy doesn't believe her and pushes her back to the tent. He strikes her down and while she lays on the floor he pushes with his feet her hands and feets like an X.

Now Juliette wears only shoes and slip. She lays spreaded on the ground. Under her back lays a big tree trunk. Her head fall backwards. The man takes ropes and ties her wrists and ankles on hooks and pounds the hooks with a hammer in the ground. No chance for Juliette to escape. Now the man can interrogates her. He knows the she is a private investigator. He pours drinkwater in her face and Juliette asks for the girls. The man doesn't answer. He wants to know what Juliette knows about his organisation. Juliette doesn't say a word.

So he takes a knife and strokes her body. He also takes clothepins and squeezes her nipples. He takes a lighter and holds the knife in the flame and holds the knife at her body. Juliette screams but she doesn't say a word about her mission. She only says that she has holidays and that she searches after nettles. The man is angry now. Lizards, nettles... He takes a nettle and strokes over her body and Juliette begs and moans and screams.

The guy unties her hands and he takes tape and tapes her wrists and upperarms on a pole. Juliette has to stand up and he unties her ankles. The interrogation it's not over. He pushes her through the forest to the next interrogation place.


Juliettes Punishment

Juliette 46:41 minutes Bondage
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Juliette comes in the room of her master. She wears a skirt and a blouse and black stockings. She has to take off her clothes. The men puts a leather belt around her waist. With leather belts he ties her ellbows and wrists strict together. She also get an armbinder. Now Juliette has to bend over. He pushes an anal plugg in her ass and fixes the plugg with the leather belt. Juliette has to go to a wooden tool. She has to kneel down. He ties her to the wooden tool in a really uncomfortable position. Her gags her with tape. She gets a leather mask and a panel gag over it. Thereafter she also gets a wooden neck stock. He blindfolds her with a leather blindfold. He takes a whip and strikes her breasts. Juliette moans a lot but she can't move because of the strict bindings. He takes clothepins and attaches these to her nipples. He takes electro pads and sticks it on her tits. He pushes a vibrator in her pussy. After a while he takes off the blindfold and also the clothepins and electro pads. Now Juliette can see other nippleclamps he holds in front of her face. He attaches the nippleclamps to her nipples. Juliette is breathless. Her arms and knees hurts due to the uncormfortable bondage position. She only wants that this stop. But her master has no hurry. He takes off the panelgag, the mask and so on.


Displayed And Caned

Juliette 30:30 minutes Bondage
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Displayed And Caned 9

Juliette is waiting in the punishment room for a new challenge. She wears sexy white stockings and a white slip and a sexy babydoll. A black rope is bound tightly aroung her waist and pussy. A heavy steel slavecollar is attached around her neck and she wears shackles at her wrists. Her master brings over a penis gag and puts it in her mouth. He takes off the babydoll and we see metal nipple clamps at her nipples. Juliette has to bend over a small chair. The guy connects the shackles on the chair. He takes off the steel slavecollar and buckles a leathered slavecollar around her neck. He connects her ankles with leatherbelts to her legs. Then he takes out the penisgag and pushes another black penis gag in her mouth. Now he takes off the metal nipple clamps. It hurts so much. Juliette whimpers. He takes clothespins and attaches both on her nipples. Time for the rod. He strikes her breasts, pussy, belly and thighs. Juliette moans and screams loudly. She has tears in her eyes. It hurts extremly.


Juliette 21:41 minutes Bondage
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Enslaved 9

Juliette is waiting on her knees for her new master. He has blackmailed her to be his very own slavegirl. As he comes in, he touches her neck and Juliette knows that this will be no easy session for her. Juliettes master asks her if she ever tied up herself in a hogtie. She replies that she has done and so she must show it her master. She takes a penisgag, gags herself and then starts to tie her feet. Juliette ties herself in a hogtie. She uses handcuffs for her wrists and a rope for her ankles. She connects the handcuffs to the rope at her ankles and has also another connection between her gag and her feet. So she must lift her head. But is this what her master calls a strict hogtie? The master is not satisfied with Juliette tie up. He shortens the rope from her gag to her ankles a lot. So Juliette has to lift her head as much as she can and body gets arched. This is a real strict hogtie.


Glamour Shooting XXL

Juliette 65:27 minutes Bondage
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Glamour Shooting XXL 4
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Glamour Shooting XXL 7
Glamour Shooting XXL 8
Glamour Shooting XXL 9

Juliette is standing in a corner of a cellar. A man comes in and says to her, that she will be dressed well and get two orgasms. First she has to go to a large mirror and put on the clothes. He brings over a wooden yoke and places it on her shoulders. Juliette puts her wrists in the holes on either side of her head and the man closes the yoke and latches it securely. It's time to go in the punishment room.

Inside the punishment room a metal “impalement stand” is waiting. Juliette steps out of her shoes and stands on the device. The man secures shackles around her ankles. He picks up an inflatable vibrating butt plug. He holds it in front of Juliette and inflates it.

The man brings over a pair of suction cups and shows them to Juliette. He explains it to her, that the suction cups will enlarge ner nipples and make then extremely sensitive for the crushers he will use for the second orgasm. Next the man brings over an enormous flesh colored dildo. The man kneels beside her and spreads her labia then slowly pokes and prods her with the dildo.

He stands beside Juliette and now she is ready for her first orgasm. He reaches behind her and turns on the butt plug. He then turns on the Hitachi. After about some minutes the orgasm overwhelms her.

The man turns of the vibrators except the vibrating butt plug and brings over a bullet vibrator. He tapes it to the top her labia. He then brings over a pair of nipple crushers and shows them to Juliette.

Now the man turns on all vibrators. After some minutes the orgasm builds in her body. The man turns off the vibrators and allows her to calm down.

Agent In Peril

Juliette 35:46 minutes Bondage
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Agent In Peril 9

Agent Juliette is in the house of Dr. X. She is in the cellar and call her agentoffice. She doesn't know that Dr. X watches her the whole time via hidden cameras. As she comes in a bedroom he pushes a button and Juliette lays on the floor. Dr. X comes in the room and is really happy that he overpowered such a cute agent. He pulls down her blouse, jeans, boots and also slip. He drags her out on her feets.

The next we see is another room with a table. On the table lays Agent Juliette completely naked. Dr. X comes in. He takes ropes and ties her ankles and connects the feets to the table. Thereafter he goes to the hands and ties the hands with another ropes and stretches Agent Juliette on the table. He slaps her face and she realizes her situation. Unbelievable for her that Juliette was overpowered by Dr. X. But she doesn't say a word as he asks her what she knows. He also want to know where the agentoffice is. Agent Juliette remains silent also as Dr. X stretches her more. Next step for him. He takes matchsticks and holds it on her nipples. The agent doesn't say a word. So he takes electropads and presses them on her breasts and pussi and pushes the button for hard electrical stimulation. Agent Juliette moans a lot but she doesn't say a word. So her unties her. Time for suspension.

The next we see is a hanging agent. Dr. X pushes again the button for electrical stimualtion. Juliette moans and struggles but she is quiet and so he pulls out angry his belt and whips her with his belt. It hurts, but Agent Juliette can't betray the agent office. Dr. X tries a last punishment: Tickling with hands and a feather. And now Juliette can't take it anymore. She tells him what she knows. Dr. X leaves her and let her stay in the suspension.


Obediance Training XXL  0
Obediance Training XXL  1
Obediance Training XXL  2
Obediance Training XXL  3
Obediance Training XXL  4
Obediance Training XXL  5
Obediance Training XXL  6
Obediance Training XXL  7
Obediance Training XXL  8
Obediance Training XXL  9

Juliette comes in a room. She wears an ugly pyjama and shackles around her wrists and ankles. Around her neck is a silver slavercollar attached. Her master uncuffs the shackles. Now it is possible for Juliette to take off the pyjama and of course the bra. Her master gives her nippleclamps. She has to make her nipples hard to attach the clamps. Of course Juliette does what her master from her wants. The man presses the clamps. OUCH! Now Juliette has also to take of the pants and slip. She wears now only black stockings, nipple clamps and the silvercollar. She stands beside a large mirror. Juliette can always look at herself.

Next Juliette has to kneel on the floor and the man gives her the slip. She pushes the slip in her mouth. The man gives her a white towel and she pushes it also in her mouth. Heavy. The man takes duct tape and tapes the mouth. He pulls a leather mask over her head. And this is not all. He takes a panel gag and gags her with this gag. He brings over a wooden neck stock. Juliette looks in the mirror and put on the neck stock. She stands up for the next step.

The man gives her a vibrator for the butt and the pussy. She pulls the first one in her ass. Thereafter she pushes the other one in her pussy. She tapes the controlbox for the vibrator on her thigh.

Now Juliette has to lay on a large table.

Her master cuffs the arms with four leathercuffs to the table. Thereafter he cuffs also her legs, knees and thighs with leather belts. He takes of the nipple clamps and attaches clothepins to her nipples. Juliette moans a lot. He presses electrical pads on her breasts and connects it with a control box. Juliette get the remote control and now the punishment starts. She pushes the button and she arches her back and moans a lot. The vibrators in butt and pussy works also.This goes for several minutes. The man ungags her and takes of the leather mask and the tape and the clothes in her mouth. Juliette get again the remote control. Now Juliette moans very loudly without stuffed mouth.


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Juliettes Punishment II  1
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Juliettes Punishment II  8
Juliettes Punishment II  9

Juliette is is dressed in a long bathrobe, open and pulled down her shoulders to her waist. Underneath she is wearing a white bra and panties. A silver slave collar is secured around her neck. A chain is attached to the collar and the other end to the wall. Her wrists are shackled in front of her and her ankles are also in shackles. A chain connects the ankle shackles to the wrist shackles. She is standing in the corner opposite the door. The room is very dimly lit.

A man enters and turns on the light. He goes over to Juliette and removes the chain from her collar. Juliette knows that she has to receive two hundred strokes with a cane across her breasts, and her nipples will be clamped. Now the man starts. He unshackles her ankles, then her wrists and Juliette has to remove her clothes.

When she is naked the man takes a leather strap and pulls her wrists behind her back, strapping them together tightly. He does the same with her elbows. Next he pulls the arm-binder up her arms and laces and straps it tightly in place.

Now the man tells her to kneel down. She does so and he pulls her head back then stuffs a white cloth into her mouth. He then presses a piece of black tape over her mouth. Next he pulls a leather hood over her head and laces it up the back. He then brings over the panel gag and straps it tightly over the hood. Next he brings over the posture collar and straps it tightly around her neck.

Juliette is laying on the table with her head on one edge. The man comes over carrying a long, black rope. He lifts her feets and ties the rope from the ceiling to her ankles. He secures another length of the black rope tightly around her knees. The man pushes a butt plug into her body. Juliette squirms and moans.

Now the man  is carrying a long cane rod. When the first stroke hits, she writhes and screams loudly. The man continues to strike her slowly at times and at others striking her several times in rapid succession. Juliette screams and twists and writhes as he does. After 100 strokes the man stops and looks down at her. He attaches two clothepins with tape on her nipples. Now he brings over a vibrating dildo. He walks to her hips and holds them apart as he pushes the dildo in slowly. He turns the vibrator on and Juliette arches her back and moans. Suddenly the man strikes her with the rod.  Finally, the man stops. Juliette is on the verge of an orgasm and her body convulses as she screams extremely loudly. She thrashes her head and arches her back as the orgasm explodes within her.


Slaves Nightmare

Juliette 41:34 minutes BDSM
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Slaves Nightmare  1
Slaves Nightmare  2
Slaves Nightmare  3
Slaves Nightmare  4
Slaves Nightmare  5
Slaves Nightmare  6
Slaves Nightmare  7
Slaves Nightmare  8
Slaves Nightmare  9

Juliette sits in the punishment room. She is naked. On her head is a hood and her hands and her neck are cuffed in a long wooden neck stock. She is sitting and waiting for the master. As he comes in he takes off the hood. Juliette is gagged with a big ball gag. He ungags her and takes another harness gag and gags her with it. Then he takes a vibrating butt plug and inserts the plug in her ass. Juliette moans loudly. He takes some nipple suckers and attaches it to her nipples. The suckers are with electrical stimulation. And soon her tries out the stimulation with a remote control. Juliette screams and arches her back. After a while he allows her to calm down and squeezes some honey through the gag. Now it’s time for a vibrator. He pulls the vibrator in her pussy. He starts the pussy vibrator and the butt vibrator and Juliette moans a lot and he pushes the button of the remote control and Juliette has a screaming orgasm after a while. The master allows her to calm down and she is breathing heavily after he takes off the harness gag. He gags her agin with the ball gag and Juliette has to stay in the position.