Merciless Orgasms

57:50 minutes Bondage, BDSM
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Juliette comes into a room. She wears a casual blouse, a denim skirt and high heels. She gets a steel collar. She has to take off her blouse. The man ties her wrists and ellbows with black ropes. She gets a penis gag and nipple clamps. She has to watch herself in a large mirror. Now it's time to go in the punishment room. She goes upstairs. The man follows her.

In the punishment room Juliette stands in the middle of the room. He watches her and takes off her miniskirt. He pushes a analplug in her ass and a vibrator in her pussy and secures a vibrator belt around her waist and pussy. Now Juliette has to sit on a table and lays on her back. He neck is secured in a wooden neck stock. He cuffs her ankles with shackles and ties her feets to the ceiling.

Juliette lays on her back and is nervous. What comes next? The man takes nipple suckers and attaches these to her nipples. Juliette moans a lot. Time for orgasm. Juliette struggles. She breathes heavily.

He regags her. Time for a big ball gag. And it's also time to take off the nipple suckers. He wants to attach some clothespins. He pulls out the vibrator.

The man tapes the vibrator on her pussy. He sits on a chair beside her and has a wandvibrator in his hands. He pushes the vibrator in her pussy. Time for the next hard orgasm. Juliette cries and moans a lot and after a while she has an explosive orgasm.

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Juliette lays on the floor in a cold cellar. She wears a latex mini skirt, nylons, a leather corsage and ballet high heels. She is tied with ropes in a strict hogtie and she is gagged with a ballgag. She knows that her master is coming soon. So she tries to loose the ropes. But the ropes are tied strong. Her master comes in the cellar and is happy to see her. He loves to uses her again and he starts to tickle her. Juliette is very ticklish, she laughs, screams and moans a lot. After a while her master has an idea and stops the tickling. He puts a buck beside Juliette and leaves her to get some toys. This is the chance for Juliette. She will not be punished again and hopes to come free. After a while she really can loose the ropes and in the moment she will crawl away her master comes in and is not amused. He spanks her. She has to lay over the buck. He cuffs her ankles and wrists with leathercuffs to the buck. Very uncomfortable. But this is only just the beginning. He strips her pantyhose. He takes a whip and whips her ass. Juliette screams a lot. After a while he take a leathered paddel and spanks her ass. Ouch. It hurts so much. Juliette begs to stop and he asks her if the whip was better than the paddle. Of course the whip was better. He uses again the whip and after a while he is horny. He takes out his dick and fucks her hard from behind. What a nightmare. Her whole body is in pain. After a long while he cums in her and leaves her alone. But he don't uncuff her. She still has to lay over the buck.


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Ponygirl Juliette comes in a room. She is blindfold and harnessgagged. She wears a body leather harness and riding boots. Her feets are cuffed. She only can go slowly. After removing the anklecuffs and the riding boots, her master allows her to get some water. Of course with harnessgag. Now her master will leave her for a while. That’s why the ponygirl has to go in a cage. There she is fixed with wooden bars. Oh god, it is almost unbearable. The bars pushes her body and it’s not possible to move in the cage. The ponygirl drools trough the gag. How long does this nightmare takes? After a long time the master arrives and take out the bars. Juliette can hardly move. He removes the harnessgag. Now it’s time for the slavechair with attached vibrator. The ponygirl has to sit on the chair. Her hands and feets are cuffed to the chair. Also her neck is cuffed with a chain slavecollar. Now he pushes a electrical dildo in her pussi and he puts two electropads on her tits. Time for little electrical stimulation. OUCH. He starts the vibrator and while the vibrator stimulates her vagina the guy pushes the button of the electrical stimulation. Wow.

Ponygirl Juliette has to stand up from the slavechair. She has to put on again the riding boots. She is very submissive and doesn’t say a word. Now she has to stride through the room. She has to lift her legs. She shall walk graceful. He gags her with a pony harnessgag and ties her hands and upperarms with leathercuffs. All for a graceful bearing. She also gets leathercuffs at the ankles and thighs. He puts some electrical pads on her tits. Now they sit on the sofa. While he is reading, she sits very quiet beside him.

The next we see is the ponygirl in the cold basement. There she stands on a spanish rider. She can’t move. She stands very still and silent and the guy cames and stimulates her pussy with a vibrator. He gags her also with a penisgag and stimulates again the pussy of the submissive ponygirl.


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Juliette takes on a bikini. It knocks at the door. It is the boyfriend of her sister. He likes what he sees and wants to play with Juliette. She agrees and she gets a blindfold and he cuffs her hands behind her back and gags her with a harnessgag. They go over to the bed. Juliette has to lay down. He pushes a butt vibrator in her ass and a vibrator in her pussi. He watches her while she has an orgasm. Then he rolls her on her back and she gets nipple suckers. He fucks her now until she has the next orgasm. Now it’s time for him to have fun. He ungags her and Juliette has to kneel down and he fucks her mouth. But the blowjob is not enough. He wants more. He cuffs her to a metal kneeling stock. Neck, wrists and ankles are cuffed to the stock and she presents him her ass. He fucks her from behind until he cums in her face.

He has to go now but before he leaves her she gets again the butt vibrator in her ass and another vibrator in her pussi for more fun.

Training A Slave

Juliette 31:55 minutes Amateur, Bondage
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Training A Slave  9

Juliette is at home. A guy rings on the door. Juliette is not amused to see the guy but anyway...she asks him to come in. He has a folder in his hands. An evidence against Juliette. She has to agree to do all for him or he goes with the folder to the police. After some times she agrees to do all and next day she has to come naked with slavecollar and high heels to the guy. Juliette is obstinate and therefor she has to lay over his knee and he spanks her nice ass. After spanking Juliette has to sit with open legs on the sofa. The guy takes photos from her and her pussy. Now it's time for nipple clamps for this hot slavegirl. Juliette is not amused. Now the guy licks the pussy. Oh yeah. Juliettes pussy is wet and she has to sit on the dick and now the fucking of the slavegirl starts. The guys fucks her in her pussy and also anal. Than he fucks her in doggystyle. Juliette looks so hot and this is not the end. Juliette has to kneel on the floor and licks his dick. Its such a good blowjob. Slavegirl Juliette with the black slavecollar on her neck does a really good job. Therefor the guy shoots his cum on her cute face. While Juliette takes a shower to wash away the cum from her face and body, the guy phones with another man. It seems, that the other man wants to fuck Juliette. So Juliette has to take on her raincoat again and both leaves the room.

Spreaded Dildo Orgasm

Juliette 12:59 minutes Bondage
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Spreaded Dildo Orgasm 9

What a challenge for Juliette. She is naked, wears only white high heels. Her body is oiled. Her tits look great. Her arms and feets are tied with ropes spreaded to a wall. How long can she stands on the wall? She tries to struggle, but it's not really possible. What is the next step in this slavegirl challenge? After struggling comes another toy for slavegirl Juliette. Now she is not only tied to the wall. Now a dildo is placed with a rope in her pussy. Oh yeah. Juliette is such a wet slavegirl and the first orgasm comes... Fantastic.... multiple orgasm for slavegirl Juliette. She is still tied with ropes to a wall. Hands and feets are spreaded. What a challenge for slavegirl Juliette. She does a really good job. :-)

How To Train A Ponygirl

Juliette 33:38 minutes Bondage
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How To Train A Ponygirl 9

Juliette lays in a cellar. She is naked and cuffed with handcuffs and anklecuffs and chains. Not possible for her to come free. She is waiting for the man who catches her to be a ponygirl. After a while he comes in the cellar and uncuffs her. She has to put on riding boots. Now she gets a slavecollar and a leatherharness for her body. She gets leathercuffs and he pulls a electric dildo in her pussy. If she moans she gets a electric shock and also if he pushs a button on the remote control. Better for her to be quiet.

After all both leave the cellar. Ponygirl Juliette has to sit in the trunk of his car. And in the car he tortures her with electric shocks. She moans and also want to be quiet. The shocks in her pussy are not very comfortable.

They arrive a garden. There are some barriers. First the ponygirl gets the right harnessgag with a leash. Now ponygirl Juliette has to jump over these barriers. If she doesn’ t jump the right way, the guy pushes the button on the remote control and she gets an electric shock.

After a while she has the possibility to get some water. But with the harnessgag. Really heavy to d-r-i-n-k water in this way. After this she is blindfolded and they goes away.

Slavegirl Domination

Juliette 30:47 minutes Amateur, Bondage
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Slavegirl Domination 9

Lady Juliette has today some challenges for her slavegirl Pling.

Pling has to go with a book on her head. Absolut important for Pling, that the book doesn’t fall down. And it’s not easy for her. Her hands are tied behind her back. She wears high heels and a slavecollar.

The first challenge is no problem for Pling.

Lady Juliette brushes the long hair of her slavegirl.

The next challenge is to eat some cream from a plate. The plate stands on the floor. Pling has to kneel down. No hands are allowed. Her hands are tied on her back again.

Now Pling tries to eat the cream from the plate.

After this Lady Juliette allows a break. Pling has to sit down.  Lady Juliette brushes again the long hair of Pling. After this she feeds her with a spoon. There is still some cream on the plate.

The 3. challenge for Pling is to struggle so good she can. She gets a ballgag. Her hands and feets are tied to an hogtie.

The question is if Lady Juliette is satisfied with her slavegirl.

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Transport To Slavery 1
Transport To Slavery 2
Transport To Slavery 3
Transport To Slavery 4
Transport To Slavery 5
Transport To Slavery 6
Transport To Slavery 7
Transport To Slavery 8
Transport To Slavery 9

Juliette lays in a trunk. She wears a white blouse and a black skirt. She is blindfolded and her hands are cuffed in front of her. She also wears nylons and open toe sandals. Her feets are cuffed with anklecuffs and on her neck sits a slavecollar. The car stops and a guy opens the trunk and commands Juliette out of the car. They goes in a cellar. There he prepares her for the next step. First her uncuffs her und he takes the blindfold away. Then she has to take of her clothes. Her hands are cuffed behind her back with leathercuffs. On her neck sits now a leather slavecollar. He pushes an analplugg in her ass and later the plugg is fixed with a belt. She gets also a ringgag and through the ringgag he pushes also an inflatable gag in her mouth. Now its time for the nipples. He slowly put on nippleclamps. On her feets are now also leathercuffs. The guy connects the anklecuffs with a chain. Not so easy to go. But Juliette has to go upstairs. She doesn’t know, what happens to her upstairs.

Returned For Punishment XXL

Juliette 62:59 minutes BDSM
Returned For Punishment  XXL 0
Returned For Punishment  XXL 1
Returned For Punishment  XXL 2
Returned For Punishment  XXL 3
Returned For Punishment  XXL 4
Returned For Punishment  XXL 5
Returned For Punishment  XXL 6
Returned For Punishment  XXL 7
Returned For Punishment  XXL 8
Returned For Punishment  XXL 9

Juliette is returned to her master. Her owner was not satisfied with her. So the master has to train her again. She gets a neck stock and she goes in the punishment room. She knows the way.

In the cellar waits a lot of bondage equipment like nipple squeezers, vibrators, mask, slavecollar, gags and much more. The man takes off the wooden neck stock and Juliette gets a vibrating butt plug. It hurts extremly as he pushes the butt vibrator in her ass. Thereafter she has to kneel on a table and bend backwards. So she has to stay a very long time. All the time punished with nipple crushers and a dildo on a stick. Of course the man pours water in Juliette's mouth.