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Juliette sits in a cage in a cold cellar. She is naked, only a cloth covers her pussy. She is there because she knows a secret. A masked man comes in. He has the plan that Juliette talks about it. He opens the cage. Juliette is blindfolded and gagged and her arms are secured with a leather monoglove. She also gets a leather mask. Before Juliette has to sit on the table, the guy pushes a plugg in her ass. Now it’s time to sit on the table. She sits on her knees. Heavy. Very uncomfortable. But that is the plan. No mercy with Juliette. Her thighs are secured with leather belts to the table. Her head is also fixed to the table. A ring gag opens the mouth. The guy puts electrical pads on her breast and connects these with an electrical dildo in her pussy. Juliette moans a lot, but the man only stops if she talks about the secret. He pushes a dildo through the ring gag and later he also puts some water in her mouth. All should help him, that Juliette talks. But she is very hard. She will not talk and so the torture continues.



Multiple Orgasms

Juliette 54:52 minutes Bondage, BDSM
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Multiple Orgasms 9

Juliette is led into the room by a man in a ski mask, holding the end of the chain attached to her collar. The man slowly removes the hood over her head and the gag. His members watching her and she has to tell them whats happen to her. She says: “Good evening. I am Juliette and I am your slave. I am here tonight to please you. I will receive two orgasms with different torments to my nipples. I hope you will enjoy my suffering”. Now the show can starts.

The man picks up a butt plug and a bullet vibrator and pushes the one in her ass and the other in her vagina. Juliette has to sit down. The man pulls her arms up and over the back of the chair. He then takes two short straps from the table and secures Juliette’s wrists over the back of the chair on each side of her hips. Then he takes two more short straps and secures one of her ankles to each leg of the chair. Juliette tries to raise her hips off the chair to relieve the pressure in her rectum.

He picks up two handkerchiefs. Juliette opens her mouth and the man stuffs both handkerchiefs into it. He presses tape to her mouth. He picks up the panel gag and drops it over her head. He secures and tightens the straps. Now the man brings over a wooden neck stock and places it around her neck.

The man picks up a pair of electro stim pads and presses the pads on her nipples. The man brings over a remote control device and shows it to Juliette. Time for the first orgasm.

He peels away the electro pads. He goes over to the table and picks up two clothes pins and a roll of red tape. He massages her breast, squeezing it and toying with her nipple. He pulls them and rubs them. Finally, the man takes the clothespin and attaches them to her nipples. Now the man takes the strap and places it across Juliette’s chest. He starts now the bullet vibrator. Juliette’s moans loudly and arches her back. He also turns on the Hitachi. Sweat covers her body as she struggles. After several minutes the orgasm overcomes her and she shudders and convulses.



Never Disappoint Your Owner 0
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Never Disappoint Your Owner 8
Never Disappoint Your Owner 9

The video opens as a man enters the room where Juliette is sitting on the bed. The man is carrying a wooden yoke. Juliette's owner said to him that she was not obedient enough. So the owner has directed him to punish her. She has to strip herself and the man takes the yoke and holds it on Juliette’s shoulders. She puts her wrists in place as he closes and locks it. He then tells her to go downstairs to the punishment room. There is a hard backed chair sitting in the middle of it. A board is fixed to one wall with numerous devices hanging on it. Juliette's owner has decided that she gets 50 strokes of the rod to each of her breasts, followed by the stinger. He prepares her for the punishment and starts with a rubber butt plug. Then he pushes an electro stim into her vagina. He removes the yoke and sign from her neck. Juliette gets a monoglove and a leather harness gag with a metal drain plug in the middle. He secures also a heavy round neck stock. He tells her to sit on the chair and Juliette eases herself down and moans loudly as she rests on the butt plug. The man takes a length of chain and secures it to ankle shackles. He draws her ankles up to the back side of the chair and pulls it over to the other side of the chair. Now he takes her arms and pulls them over the back of the chair and secures her wrists to the back of the chair. Finally, he places a heavy leather strap over her hips. He attaches a pair of magnetic nipple clamps to her nipples. Next the man brings over a cane and shows it to Juliette. She turns her head away and whines in protest. The man holds her arm and strikes her breast. Juliette screams as he strikes her again and again. After 50 strokes to each breast, he stops and takes the stinger. Suddenly the man strikes her with it. Juliette's upperbody is really red now. But the punishment is not over. She gets water and honey and he is cruel to her nipples . The man connects the wires from the cups and the probe in her vagina to a control unit. He then picks up the remote control and presses the button. Juliette’s body shudders and she screams insanely. After some minutes he stops and removes the cups from her nipples. He then picks up the crushers and slowly places it on Juliette’s nipples. He brings over a Hitachi and places it against her crotch. He tapes it to the chair with black duct tape. The man turns on the Hitachi. Juliette shudders and begins to writhe and moan as the orgasm rises. After about a minute she has a huge, screaming orgasm.

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Returned For Punishment XXL

Juliette 62:59 minutes BDSM
Returned For Punishment  XXL 0
Returned For Punishment  XXL 1
Returned For Punishment  XXL 2
Returned For Punishment  XXL 3
Returned For Punishment  XXL 4
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Returned For Punishment  XXL 7
Returned For Punishment  XXL 8
Returned For Punishment  XXL 9

Juliette is returned to her master. Her owner was not satisfied with her. So the master has to train her again. She gets a neck stock and she goes in the punishment room. She knows the way.

In the cellar waits a lot of bondage equipment like nipple squeezers, vibrators, mask, slavecollar, gags and much more. The man takes off the wooden neck stock and Juliette gets a vibrating butt plug. It hurts extremly as he pushes the butt vibrator in her ass. Thereafter she has to kneel on a table and bend backwards. So she has to stay a very long time. All the time punished with nipple crushers and a dildo on a stick. Of course the man pours water in Juliette's mouth.


The Pick Up - Suspension

Juliette 34:12 minutes BDSM
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The Pick Up - Suspension 8
The Pick Up - Suspension 9

Juliette is on the way at home. But it's far to the town so she is happy as a man asks her to take her to the town. But soon she has handcuffs at her wrists and the man touches her body. He pushes her to the trunk and cuffs her also with anklecuffs. She kays in the trunk and the guy drives away. Deep in the woods they go out of the car and he pushes her in a stable. There she has to take off the skirt and then the boots. Not easy to do because her hands are still cuffed behin dher back. He has a rod in his hands that's why Juliette does what he wants. He uncuffs her and she has to strip away the shirt and bra and panty. A ladder lays on the floor. Juliette has to sit down and she has to cuff her ankles with leathercuffs. The leathercuffs are attached to the ladder. The man gags her with a ballgag and now it's time to cuff her wrists to the ladder. With a winch he lifts the ladder up. He takes the rod and whips her body and especially her foot soles. Juliette screams a lot and she is scared. After a whilt the guy stops and the punishment is not over. He lifts up the ladder again.

Obediance Training XXL *** MOVIE OF THE WEEK *** 0
Obediance Training XXL *** MOVIE OF THE WEEK *** 1
Obediance Training XXL *** MOVIE OF THE WEEK *** 2
Obediance Training XXL *** MOVIE OF THE WEEK *** 3
Obediance Training XXL *** MOVIE OF THE WEEK *** 4
Obediance Training XXL *** MOVIE OF THE WEEK *** 5
Obediance Training XXL *** MOVIE OF THE WEEK *** 6
Obediance Training XXL *** MOVIE OF THE WEEK *** 7
Obediance Training XXL *** MOVIE OF THE WEEK *** 8
Obediance Training XXL *** MOVIE OF THE WEEK *** 9

Juliette comes in a room. She wears an ugly pyjama and shackles around her wrists and ankles. Around her neck is a silver slavercollar attached. Her master uncuffs the shackles. Now it is possible for Juliette to take off the pyjama and of course the bra. Her master gives her nippleclamps. She has to make her nipples hard to attach the clamps. Of course Juliette does what her master from her wants. The man presses the clamps. OUCH! Now Juliette has also to take of the pants and slip. She wears now only black stockings, nipple clamps and the silvercollar. She stands beside a large mirror. Juliette can always look at herself.

Next Juliette has to kneel on the floor and the man gives her the slip. She pushes the slip in her mouth. The man gives her a white towel and she pushes it also in her mouth. Heavy. The man takes duct tape and tapes the mouth. He pulls a leather mask over her head. And this is not all. He takes a panel gag and gags her with this gag. He brings over a wooden neck stock. Juliette looks in the mirror and put on the neck stock. She stands up for the next step.

The man gives her a vibrator for the butt and the pussy. She pulls the first one in her ass. Thereafter she pushes the other one in her pussy. She tapes the controlbox for the vibrator on her thigh.

Now Juliette has to lay on a large table.

Her master cuffs the arms with four leathercuffs to the table. Thereafter he cuffs also her legs, knees and thighs with leather belts. He takes of the nipple clamps and attaches clothepins to her nipples. Juliette moans a lot. He presses electrical pads on her breasts and connects it with a control box. Juliette get the remote control and now the punishment starts. She pushes the button and she arches her back and moans a lot. The vibrators in butt and pussy works also.This goes for several minutes. The man ungags her and takes of the leather mask and the tape and the clothes in her mouth. Juliette get again the remote control. Now Juliette moans very loudly without stuffed mouth.


Double Penetration Orgasm 0
Double Penetration Orgasm 1
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Double Penetration Orgasm 4
Double Penetration Orgasm 5
Double Penetration Orgasm 6
Double Penetration Orgasm 7
Double Penetration Orgasm 8
Double Penetration Orgasm 9

Juliette stands in a punishment room. Her hands are cuffed with leathercuffs to the ceiling and between her ankles are cuffed a spreaderbar. A man comes in and presents her a vibrator who works in pussy, asshole and crotcharea. He connects metal clamps at her nipples and after this he pushes the vibrator in all her holes and connects a rope to fix it. He pushes a penis gag in her mouth. She also gets a leather mask and a panel gag. He turns on the vibrator and the vibrator works immediately. Juliette moans and screams and shudders and after a while she has an orgasm. The man takes off panel gag, mask and penis gag and he gags her again with a big ball gag.

Walking Tour Disaster

Juliette 41:45 minutes Bondage
Walking Tour Disaster 0
Walking Tour Disaster 1
Walking Tour Disaster 2
Walking Tour Disaster 3
Walking Tour Disaster 4
Walking Tour Disaster 5
Walking Tour Disaster 6
Walking Tour Disaster 7
Walking Tour Disaster 8
Walking Tour Disaster 9

Juliette is on a walking trip with a backpack and a tent. She meets a man and asks him for good place for camping. She goes away to a silent place and builds up the tent and after a while she gets tired and lays in the sun. All the time a bad guy is watching her and while she lays on the towel he creeps along to Juliette with a stick in his hands. He surprises her and Juliette fights back but at the end she has no chance. She lays again on the floor and he stretches her legs and arms. She gets leathercuffs on her wrists and a slavecollar and her attaches her wrists on the slavecollar behind her neck. She has to stand up and he leads her to a ladder. She has to sit and lay down on the ladder. He ties her toes with a rope and connects the feets also to the ladder with a rope. He wants to know what she is doing here. He doesn't believe her that she is only on a walking tour. Time for Interrogation in different ways but Juliette is tough. So he has another idea. He takes off the ropes and leads her to another place.

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Institute Of Corrections   3
Institute Of Corrections   4
Institute Of Corrections   5
Institute Of Corrections   6
Institute Of Corrections   7
Institute Of Corrections   8
Institute Of Corrections   9

Juliette meets a man in a cellar. A camera is watching her. The man explains what will happen to her. He also explains that the really master is watching her through the camera. The man in the cellar only does what the really master wants. Juliettes hands are tied with a rope behind her back. The slavegirl gets a ballgag. Now she has to sit on the table. Her ankles are cuffed with leathercuffs and her head is fixed in the pillory. The nippleplay can starts. He uses a belt to spank her breasts. He uses a salve and massages her tits. After this he takes a whip and whips her upperbody and breasts. He attaches also nippleclamps. Juliette moans a lot but she can't away. Her head is attached to the stock and she lays on her hands and the ankles are still cuffed. He watches her while she wears the nippleclamps and she is breathing heavily. He takes off the clamps and take a paddle and beats her breasts. Later he takes electropads and attaches these on her tits to stimulate her breasts. Juliette moans a lot. Later a vibrator is also attached to her pussy. Juliette moans loudly through the gag. What a punishment and her master is watching her through the cam.

Hot Wax Punishment

Juliette 28:43 minutes Bondage
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Hot Wax Punishment  8
Hot Wax Punishment  9

Juliette is now in a cellar. There is a x-frame waiting for her. Her wrists are taped on her back and she has to sit on the frame. The man secures her ankles with leathercuffs to the x-frame. He takes off the tape and ties her wrists also to the frame. The man takes a bamboo rod and strikes her breasts and upperbody. After a while of stroking he puts away the bamboo rod and now it's time for a little tickling. He tickles her under her arms and feets and Juliette is very ticklish and laughs and screams a lot. He has another idea: Candle. He drops hot wax on her upper body and breasts. Juliette looks at the hot wax on her breasts.

He uncuffs her wrists and fixes it to an winch. He stretches her arms. He takes a dildo on a cane and strokes her body and pushes it into her cunt. After a while he takes a vibrator and strokes first her body and then he fucks her with it. He gets a call and leaves her. Juliette is now alone and tries to come free.