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Slave-Slut Fucked

Juliette − 49:11 minutes
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Slave-Slut Fucked 3
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Slave-Slut Fucked 9

Juliette takes on a bikini. It knocks at the door. It is the boyfriend of her sister. He likes what he sees and wants to play with Juliette. She agrees and she gets a blindfold and he cuffs her hands behind her back and gags her with a harnessgag. They go over to the bed. Juliette has to lay down. He pushes a butt vibrator in her ass and a vibrator in her pussi. He watches her while she has an orgasm. Then he rolls her on her back and she gets nipple suckers. He fucks her now until she has the next orgasm. Now it’s time for him to have fun. He ungags her and Juliette has to kneel down and he fucks her mouth. But the blowjob is not enough. He wants more. He cuffs her to a metal kneeling stock. Neck, wrists and ankles are cuffed to the stock and she presents him her ass. He fucks her from behind until he cums in her face.

He has to go now but before he leaves her she gets again the butt vibrator in her ass and another vibrator in her pussi for more fun.

Hot Wax Punishment

Juliette − 28:43 minutes
Hot Wax Punishment  0
Hot Wax Punishment  1
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Hot Wax Punishment  3
Hot Wax Punishment  4
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Hot Wax Punishment  9

Juliette is now in a cellar. There is a x-frame waiting for her. Her wrists are taped on her back and she has to sit on the frame. The man secures her ankles with leathercuffs to the x-frame. He takes off the tape and ties her wrists also to the frame. The man takes a bamboo rod and strikes her breasts and upperbody. After a while of stroking he puts away the bamboo rod and now it's time for a little tickling. He tickles her under her arms and feets and Juliette is very ticklish and laughs and screams a lot. He has another idea: Candle. He drops hot wax on her upper body and breasts. Juliette looks at the hot wax on her breasts.

He uncuffs her wrists and fixes it to an winch. He stretches her arms. He takes a dildo on a cane and strokes her body and pushes it into her cunt. After a while he takes a vibrator and strokes first her body and then he fucks her with it. He gets a call and leaves her. Juliette is now alone and tries to come free.


Glamour Shoot XXL

Juliette − 65:27 minutes
Glamour Shoot XXL 0
Glamour Shoot XXL 1
Glamour Shoot XXL 2
Glamour Shoot XXL 3
Glamour Shoot XXL 4
Glamour Shoot XXL 5
Glamour Shoot XXL 6
Glamour Shoot XXL 7
Glamour Shoot XXL 8
Glamour Shoot XXL 9

Juliette is standing in a corner of a cellar. A man comes in and says to her, that she will be dressed well and get two orgasms. First she has to go to a large mirror and put on the clothes. He brings over a wooden yoke and places it on her shoulders. Juliette puts her wrists in the holes on either side of her head and the man closes the yoke and latches it securely. It's time to go in the punishment room.

Inside the punishment room a metal “impalement stand” is waiting. Juliette steps out of her shoes and stands on the device. The man secures shackles around her ankles. He picks up an inflatable vibrating butt plug. He holds it in front of Juliette and inflates it.

The man brings over a pair of suction cups and shows them to Juliette. He explains it to her, that the suction cups will enlarge ner nipples and make then extremely sensitive for the crushers he will use for the second orgasm. Next the man brings over an enormous flesh colored dildo. The man kneels beside her and spreads her labia then slowly pokes and prods her with the dildo.

He stands beside Juliette and now she is ready for her first orgasm. He reaches behind her and turns on the butt plug. He then turns on the Hitachi. After about some minutes the orgasm overwhelms her.

The man turns of the vibrators except the vibrating butt plug and brings over a bullet vibrator. He tapes it to the top her labia. He then brings over a pair of nipple crushers and shows them to Juliette.

Now the man turns on all vibrators. After some minutes the orgasm builds in her body. The man turns off the vibrators and allows her to calm down.

Cellar Of Pain

Juliette − 44:44 minutes
Cellar Of Pain 0
Cellar Of Pain 1
Cellar Of Pain 2
Cellar Of Pain 3
Cellar Of Pain 4
Cellar Of Pain 5
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Cellar Of Pain 7
Cellar Of Pain 8
Cellar Of Pain 9

Juliette finds a purse on the street. She knows the address and will give the man the purse back. She finds the man in his cellar. He is surprised and amused to see the girl. Juliette will not stay. She says to him that her friend is waiting outside in a car. But he don't believe her. She has to take off her clothes and put on some high heels. He ties her wrists with ropes and also her ankles. Now Juliette is standing spreaded in the cellar. The guy takes a whip and whips her back and ass. He takes a vibrator and binds it around her waist and pussy. Now Juliette gets orgasms and he whips her also while the vibrator works. A really cellar of pain!

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Private Investigator In Distress Vol. 2 0
Private Investigator In Distress Vol. 2 1
Private Investigator In Distress Vol. 2 2
Private Investigator In Distress Vol. 2 3
Private Investigator In Distress Vol. 2 4
Private Investigator In Distress Vol. 2 5
Private Investigator In Distress Vol. 2 6
Private Investigator In Distress Vol. 2 7
Private Investigator In Distress Vol. 2 8
Private Investigator In Distress Vol. 2 9

Juliette kneels in a room. Her wrist and upperarms are tied on a pole. So her arms are spreaded. The guy comes in and pushes her to ladder. He ties her ankles with ropes to the ladder and also her upperarms. He touches her breasts and has another idea. He takes off the tape and pole and stretches her arms and ties her hands above her head. The best way to whip her nice tits with a cane. He strokes her and she screams loudly. What a punishment! Juliette can't no longer and she faints and later she lays on a x-frame in the cellar of the house. Her ankles and wrists are tied with black ropes to the frame Juliette is naked and has no idea what the plan of the evil man is. First he oils he body and then he takes a paintbrush. He tickles her under her feet and armpits. Juliette whimpers, laughs and moans. She is so ticklish. He takes a wandvibrator and touches her nipples. It's so uncomfortable and of course he pushes the vibrator also in her pussy. She is breathless and he gives her some water. But there was something in the water and she faints again. She is breathless and he gives her some water. But there was something in the water and she faints again.

The next she realizes is that she is tied in a very uncomfortable way on a stool. Her wrists and ankles are tied with ropes to the stool and she lays on her bacl and her head hangs down. She tries to come free. But no chance. The man comes in. He only wants to say ”Bye Bye” to her. She will be a slave in mine.


Punished Blonde Student XXL  !!! NOW FOR JUST 19.99$ !!! 0
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Punished Blonde Student XXL  !!! NOW FOR JUST 19.99$ !!! 6
Punished Blonde Student XXL  !!! NOW FOR JUST 19.99$ !!! 7
Punished Blonde Student XXL  !!! NOW FOR JUST 19.99$ !!! 8
Punished Blonde Student XXL  !!! NOW FOR JUST 19.99$ !!! 9

Juliette is a psychology student. She wants a video of a session because she wants to see her reactions to the pain. The session starts in the punishment room.

An impalement stand is in the middle of the room and hanging above it are the long stocks suspended from the ceiling over the stand. He pushes her over to the stand. He makes her turn around and stand on it and then secures shackles over her ankles. Next, he removes the straps from her wrists and elbows and takes one arm and stretches it to the end of the stock so he can secure a leather strap tightly over it. He does the same to her other wrist. When done the man fondles Juliette’s breasts roughly. Juliette squeals and moans. Now the man brings over a breather gag and harness panel gag and Juliette gets it. Then the man takes a vibrating butt plug from the board and shows it to Juliette as he lubricates it. She watches him terrified. He goes behind her and spreads her buttocks with his fingers. He very slowly pushes it into Juliette’s rectum. Juliette screams loudly.

The man now brings over a rubber dildo and shows it to Juliette. Her eyes grow wide. He slowly begins to work the dildo into her body, moving it in and out, twisting it and pushes it more deeply into Juliette’s body. She is moaning and twisting her body. Finally, the man pushes the dildo into Juliette, attaches it to the vertical bar and leaves it there. The man brings over a bamboo rod and slowly draws it over Juliette’s body. Suddenly he strikes Juliette’s stomach with the rod. This goes on for some minutes until finally, the man stops. He goes behind her and turns on the vibrating butt plug. Juliette thrusts her hips forward and moans. The man strikes her body relentlessly. Finally she has a tremendous orgasm. The man allows her to calm down. 

He shows her clothespins and he brings over a rubber ball, latex mask and harness panel gag. He shows the ball to Juliette and she opens her mouth without being told. Next, he pulls the mask over her head. The man brings over a Hitachi vibrator and pushes it as snugly into Juliette’s crotch as he can. Now he shows Juliette the clothespins as he toys with her nipple. He shows the clamp to Juliette before slowly rubbing it on her nipple. Juliette moans loudly as the man applies the clamp to her nipple. He turns on the spigot in the ball. The man picks up the rod and begins to strike her body all over.

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Angel Of Revenge XXL

Juliette − 53:44 minutes
Angel Of Revenge XXL 0
Angel Of Revenge XXL 1
Angel Of Revenge XXL 2
Angel Of Revenge XXL 3
Angel Of Revenge XXL 4
Angel Of Revenge XXL 5
Angel Of Revenge XXL 6
Angel Of Revenge XXL 7
Angel Of Revenge XXL 8
Angel Of Revenge XXL 9

Juliette comes home after her trip and wants to take a shower first. After the shower she finds a letter. It's about her sister Janet and after she finished reading the letter she only wants one thing: Revenge. She prepares herself for the journey.

Next we see is Juliette. She goes through a forest and searches after the way. She knows that the bad guys are near. And really: Suddenly a man stops her. He laughs about her and her outfit. But Juliette is strong. She overpowers him and he lays on the floor and can't do anything. Now Juliette laughs and goes away. She finds the house of the bad guys and goes in. But now the evil man overpowers her. Juliette lays on the floor. He kicks her arms and legs like a cross. He takes off her bra and cuffs her wrists with handcuffs. He also takes off her skirt. He carries her to a chair. He sits down and Juliette lays over his knees. He touches her neck and breast and her whole body. It's time for the next step. Who ist she? What do she wants from him? He has no idea what her plan is. So he has an idea how she will tell him all.

Juliette lays in an uncomfortable way on a chair. But with the head on the floor. He takes a pole and tapes her wrists to the pole. He ties her toes with a rope and attaches the rope to the chair with handcuffs. As he is ready he takes water and a sponge and clean her face. Juliette awakes and realizes what has happened. She can't believe it, that she is again in his hands. Juliette is angry now. She won't tell him what he wants to know. He takes a look in her bag and laughs about the things she has in her bag. Some sunoil. He oils her body. He takes the knife and strokes under her armpits, breasts and feets. Juliette moans a lot. He attaches clothepins on her nipples. It hurts so much. He also finds a little elektro shocker in her bag. He shocks the whole body of Juliette. Juliette is breathless but the interrogation is not over. Now he tickles Juliette. Oh god. Juliette laughs highly and it's cruel as he tickles her under the feets. Juliette is so ticklish. He takes her hairbrush and strokes her armpits and breasts and the whole body. Juliette begs to stop it. She will not longer lay there and be punished. He unties her toes and Juliette can stand up. He tapes the pole not only at her wrists. He also tapes her upperarms to the pole. It's not over for Juliette. Time for the next punishment.

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Juliette − 20:04 minutes
Suspension  0
Suspension  1
Suspension  2
Suspension  3
Suspension  4
Suspension  5
Suspension  6
Suspension  7
Suspension  8
Suspension  9

Juliette is brought to a garage by a man. She wears a black latex miniskirt, a cutoff shirt and high heels. She is commanded to strip naked. Then the man commands her to take on some leathercuffs. After Juliette has put on all leathercuffs, the man makes her to take on a big red ballgag. Thereafter she must stand on two chairs and has to connect a spreaderbar between her anklecuffs. Finally she has to lock her wristcuffs to a hook hanging from the ceiling. The man asks her to tell him a the combination , because it's Juliettes last chance not to be suspended. She won't tell him and so the man pulls the chairs away. Juliette struggles first. She hangs in the air by her bonds. Her body is completly streched out and the pain she feels is unbelievable. She moans to her gag, but her abductor has no mercy. She hopes that the cuffs will damage if she struggles. As the man turns back to her, he spanks her ass, squeezes her tits and asks her again to tell him the code. Juliette doesn't and so she has to hang a lot more. And the cuffs are strong and don't break by her struggling.


Water Interrogation

Juliette − 46:31 minutes
Water Interrogation 0
Water Interrogation 1
Water Interrogation 2
Water Interrogation 3
Water Interrogation 4
Water Interrogation 5
Water Interrogation 6
Water Interrogation 7
Water Interrogation 8
Water Interrogation 9

Juliette is brought in a cellar. She wears sexy dessous and nylons. She wears an armbinder and a gag. The guy regags her. But only to put on a harness ring gag. Now she has to sit on the table. He takes off her bra and touches her breasts. Now she has to lie back and her head is fixed in a wooden neck stock. Her ankles are cuffed. And he also fixes her body with leatherbelts to the table. And her head is fixed. The guy loves nipples and tits and he takes a cane and strikes he breats. Juliette moans a lot. After whipping her he takes clothes pins and attaches the pins to her nipples.

The man takes red electrical tape. He sticks it on the spring mechanism of the clothespins. But that's not all. Time for little electrical stimulation. Juliette is in the cellar to speak about secrets. The guy puts pads on her body and has a remote control in his hand. Now he can shocks her so often and so long as he wants. Juliette moans loudly but she doesn't say a word. No only one thing can help him, that she speaks: Water.


Oral Challenge

Juliette − 68:43 minutes
Oral Challenge 0
Oral Challenge 1
Oral Challenge 2
Oral Challenge 3
Oral Challenge 4
Oral Challenge 5
Oral Challenge 6
Oral Challenge 7
Oral Challenge 8
Oral Challenge 9

Juliette is sitting on a chair. She wears shackles on her wrists. She waits for her master. After a while he comes in with a heavy wooden neck stock. It's time for the training. So he will strip her. Juliette stands up and he takes off the shackles. He also takes off her blouse. Now Juliette has to put her wrists in the stock. He takes a large ball gag and holds it in front of her face. Juliette opens the mouth and he gags her. Juliette looks at the mirror and watches him. He twists her and after a while it's time for the training room. Juliette knows the way and goes to the cellar.

In the cellar stands a pallet. Attached to the pallet is a thick vertical piece. On top of the vertical bar is secured a dildo. It is at a height such that it is directly in front of Juliette’s mouth when she is on the saddle. Juliette and her master comes in. Juliette has to stay and he pulls down skirt and boy shorts. He unbuckles the neck stock. He takes shackles and cuffs her wrists behind her back. Juliette also gets a steel neck shackle. A pole connects neck shackle and wrists shackles. He takes a leather belt and secures it around her elbows.  Now it's time for ankle shackles. Juliette has to sit on the saddle. He places a chain between the ankle shackles and moves a mirror in front of Juliette. Now Juliette can watch herself while the training. He takes a leatherbelt and secures it under her breasts.He massages her nipples and attaches tweezer clamps. Juliette whimpers. He takes a vibrating butt plug and shows it Juliette. She moans and shakes her head. She has to bend over and he pushes the plug in her ass. It hurts so much. He unbuckles the ball gag. He will turn now on the vibrator. Juliette begs for mercy. But this is a slave training.  He takes electro-stim pads and attaches it to her breasts. He adjusts the dildo in front of her face. He turns on the butt vibrator again. He takes the red ball and she opens her mouth and he pushes the ball in her mouth roughly. He attaches a tube and takes lemon juice and now Juliette gets some juice. He takes honey and drips it on the dildo. Juliette licks the dildo. Juliette drools a lot because of the sweet honey and the sur lemon juice. After a while he takes a blue wandvibrator. He slowly pushes the vibrator in her pussi. But before the orgasm it's time for more juice. He drips more honey on the dildo and while she has the dildo in her mouth he turns on the butt vibrator and also turns on the wand vibrator. After some minutes Juliette has an explosive orgasm. 

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