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X-Frame Interrogation Vol. 1


36:55 minutes

Juliette is bound to the X frame with black ropes at her ankles and wrists. A light colored cloth has been draped over her hips. She has been blindfolded and lies quietly in a dimly lit room.

A door is heard to open and a masked man comes in. He goes over to Juliette and asks her for her sister. But Juliette has no idea and says to him that she knows nothing. The man then removes the blindfold. She says, “Please do not torture me, I know nothing.” The man looks down at Juliette and says, “Now Juliette we know better, so the sooner you talk the sooner this will be over.” Juliette says again that she has no idea. The man shows her a large ball gag and tells her to open her mouth. Juliette resists so the man holds her nose closed with one hand and pulls her chin down and then pulls the gag into her mouth. Next he takes a harness panel gag with a hole in the middle, holds it over the ball gag and tightens the straps around her head.

The man now picks up a bamboo rod and draws it slowly across Juliette’s chest. She writhes and twists. The man looks down at her and asks her again if she will talk. But she shakes her head ”no”. He draws the rod over her chest and then suddenly strikes her with it. Juliette writhes and screams as the man continues to strike her chest with the rod. He strikes her all over her breasts. Juliette screams loudly and thrashes about on the frame. She rolls her head from side-to-side and opens then closes her fingers, screaming all the time. After a while he stops and asks her if she want to talk. Juliette shakes her head, “No”.

The man picks up a pair of clothespins and lays them between Juliette’s breasts. He picks up one of the clothespins and shows it to Juliette, snapping the jaws. He asks her if she want to talk because it will be very painful on her nipples. She will not talk. The man plays with one of her nipples and then slides the jaws over Juliette’s nipple and releases them. Juliette screams. The man then applies the other clothespin to Juliette’s other nipple. Juliette writhes and screams. The man now brings the rod over again. Juliette shakes her head and screams even before it hits her chest. The man strikes her often, sometimes rapidly in succession and other times slowly and rhythmically. From time to time he puts his hand on Juliette’s rib cage to hold her still while he uses the rod.

Finally, the man stops and Juliette begins to calm down. The man puts a small stool by her head between her arms. He is holding a leather breather gag. Her eyes grow wide with fear when she looks at it. The man puts the breather gag over her arm and slowly removes the harness and ball gags. Juliette cries out, “Please have mercy on me!”

The man holds the bulb over her face and says, “Well, Juliette, first you must tell me what you know and then I shall have mercy. What do you say?” Juliette shakes her head and the man holds her nose closed. She opens her mouth to breathe and the man pushes the bladder into her mouth.





Anal And Pain Training


56:31 minutes

Juliette comes in the room with a man wearing a ski mask and holding a pole attached to Juliettes collar. The man makes her walk around the room and “shows” her to the camera. She is the slavegirl for tonight and she has to entertain all with her orgasm.

He attaches the end of the pole to rope hanging from the ceiling. Juliette has to bend over. He then brings over a butt plug and slowly pulls it into her body. Next the man makes Juliette sit on the chair. She moans and writhes in discomfort because of the plug. The man secures her ankles to the back legs of the chair and then secures a leather strap over her hips.

The man now pulls Juliette’s head back and holds two white handkerchiefs over her mouth and stuffs the two pieces of cloth into it. He tears two pieces of black duct tape from a roll and presses them over her mouth. The man brings over a leather hood. He pushes Juliette’s head forward and pulls the hood over it, then laces it up. Next he brings over a panel gag and begins to strap it over her head. Finally, he brings over a heavy leather collar and secures it tightly around Juliette’s neck.

He then takes her hands and pulls them over her head and back down causing her to arch her back. He pulls them down and secures them tightly to the back of the chair. The man brings over a pair of nipple suckers. He shows them to the audience and then to Juliette. He toys with Juliette’s nipple. She moans and he places it over her nipple. He twists the top of the sucker. She takes a deep breath as her nipple elongates in the sucker. She starts to scream as her nipple is stretched. He does it also with the second nipple sucker.

The man leaves the scene then returns with a bamboo cane. He stands beside her and begins to stroke Juliette’s breasts with it. Suddenly the man strikes her breast. Juliette convulses and screams loudly. She writhes and twists as the man continues to strike her breast. After a couple of strokes, the man grabs Juliette’s elbow and holds it to keep her from twisting so much as he strikes her chest.

The man stops and allows Juliette to calm down. She is breathing very heavily and moaning. Next the man goes to the table and returns with two electro stim pads. He peels the backing away from the pad. He places it directly under the nipple sucker and presses it to her breast. He then tears off a strip of the tape and presses it across the pad from side-to-side. He does likewise to her other breast. Finally he plugs the ends of the wire into a control box.

He presses the button and Juliette convulses as the current enters her breasts. She screams and arches her back tremendously, thrashing her head from side-to-side. He repeats it several times. The man now brings over a Hitachi and places it very snugly against her crotch. Juliette moans as he tapes it to the chair. Juliette looks at the audience as he turns on the vibrator. He then stands behind her and grasps her wrists holding them down securely. Juliette moans loudly then suddenly shudders as the current hits her breasts. The man releases the current and Juliette begins to calm although she is breathing extremely heavily.

Finally he stops the Hitachi. Juliette’s hips continue to undulate from the orgasm as he begins to remove the hood then the panel gag. He unbuckles the top straps of the panel gag , pulling the gag over her head and leaving it dangle on her chest.

He peels away the tape and then pulls the cloth from her mouth. Juliette gasps for air. The man lets her calm and holds her wrists again. He wants that she says to the audience how she liked the nipple suckers. With her words the movie ends.




An Obediant Slavegirl Vol. 2 - JULY SPECIAL


47:18 minutes

After tasting the masters cum Juliette gets a harnessgag. She has to lay on her back. He takes her feets and a rope and binds her feets to the ceiling. He puts a dildo in her pussy and secures electrical stimulation on her nipples. He puts the button of the remote control and Juliettes tits are stimulated heavily. She moans and struggles a lot. A lot of electrical stimulation for the slavegirl! Juliette moans and struggles a lot. After a hard orgasm he unties Juliette and they go back to the cellar. There she has to put on her clothes again and she gets a silver slavecollar and she has to put on anklecuffs. Her hands are cuffed behind her back and they go to the car and drive away.




Juliettes Test


36:06 minutes

The camera is watching Juliette. After a while the man comes over with a pair of soft foam ear plugs. He goes behind the chair and takes a plug and inserts into one of Juliette’s nostrils. Now the man takes the other plug and inserts it into Juliette’s other nostril. Still holding her head back, he presses on each plug to make sure it is snugly in place.

The man leaves the scene while the camera roams over Juliette’s body.

He reenters and stands behind Juliette, then fondles her breasts for about a minute. She whimpers, pleading with her eyes as he says, “Now, Juliette. We shall test your breathing”. He picks up the end of the breathing tube and places his thumb over the hole. Juliette’s eyes grow wide. The man holds the tube for several seconds then releases it. Juliette gasps through the tube.

He now comes over with a pair clothes pins and a bowl of ice cubes. Juliette cries out in protest when she sees the pins. He holds up a pair of tongs then picks up an ice cube and begins to rub it over her nipples. Juliette moans as he does. He then picks up the end of the tube. The man plugs the hole with his thumb.The man continues to rub her nipples with the ice cube while he holds the tube in his hand. Finally, the man stops and shows Juliette one of the clothespins. He toys with her nipple and then slowly slides the pin over her nipple. He then does the same to her to her nipple. She whimpers softly.

Next he has some refreshment for her. He removes the nostril plugs. He pours a container of lemon juice into the tube. Juliette reacts to the bitterness. The man puts away the lemon juice and replaces the nostril plugs. He leaves her.

The man returns with a hair dryer. Juliette watches him as he turns on the dryer and picks up the end of the breathing tube again. When the dryer is hot he turns it to her breasts and begins to move it slowly back and forth, concentrating it on her nipples. Juliette screams loudly. The man uses the dryer. Suddenly the man plugs the tube with his thumb again. Juliette is screaming hysterically. He holds it for a while then releases it.

Finally, the man turns off the dryer and lets Juliette calm down. He strokes her forehead gently trying to calm her as he slowly removes the nostril plugs. Juliette inhales deeply. He says to her that the new owner is satiesfied and that Juliette will have an orgasm and that during the orgasm the man should work with the breathergag. Juliette shakes her head. The man inserts the plugs into each of her nostrils.

The man turns on the bullet vibrator. The man waits for the orgasm to rise in Juliette’s body and then picks up the tube. Juliette is beside herself when she sees him plug the end of the tube with his thumb. He holds it for some time and then releases it. Juliette’s body convulses in an explosive, screaming orgasm.

The man lets her begin to calm and turns off the vibrator. He then goes behind the chair and removes the plugs from her nostrils. He then deflates the breather gag, unbuckles and removes the harness and breather gag straps. Juliette gasps for breath. The man waits a little while before he moves behind her. Juliette is terrified he is going to put the plugs back into her nostrils, so she tries to look back at him. But he only wants to hear from her how the orgasm was.




Punished Angel Of Revenge


49:21 minutes

The Continuation of "Angel Of Revenge":

Juliette is tied to the ceiling. She is naked and stands on her toes. Not easy to stay so long. The guy tickles and spanks her and attaches clothepins to her nipples. But Juliette doesn't say a word to him. So he has to think about another interrogation.

He lays her on the floor and he watches a while her sexy naked body.

The next we see is Juliette tied on a ladder. She lays on her back and wrists and ankles are tied with leathercuffs and ropes to a ladder. He spanks and whips and tickles her again. But Juliette only moans and laughs. So he ties her in a hogtie to the ladder. Very uncomfortable.

It's time for the next location. Juliette sits in a cage. Her elbows are taped together and she tries to move in the cage. But no chance. The guy opens the door of the cage and Juliette has to go out. She has to sit on the cage and he touches her pussy and clitoris. The interrogation is not over yet but the man allows Juliette to take a shower.




Slaves Nightmare


41:34 minutes
Juliette sits in the punishment room. She is naked. On her head is a hood and her hands and her neck are cuffed in a long wooden neck stock. She is sitting and waiting for the master. As he comes in he takes off the hood. Juliette is gagged with a big ball gag. He ungags her and takes another harness gag and gags her with it. Then he takes a vibrating butt plug and inserts the plug in her ass. Juliette moans loudly. He takes some nipple suckers and attaches it to her nipples. The suckers are with electrical stimulation. And soon her tries out the stimulation with a remote control. Juliette screams and arches her back. After a while he allows her to calm down and squeezes some honey through the gag. Now it’s time for a vibrator. He pulls the vibrator in her pussy. He starts the pussy vibrator and the butt vibrator and Juliette moans a lot and he pushes the button of the remote control and Juliette has a screaming orgasm after a while. The master allows her to calm down and she is breathing heavily after he takes off the harness gag. He gags her agin with the ball gag and Juliette has to stay in the position. 


Juliettes Preparation For Test


36:09 minutes

Juliette is standing in a room. A heavy steel shackle is secured around her neck. Her wrists are shackled in front of her. Her ankles are in shackles connected by a chain. A man comes in. He stands beside Juliette and says to her that her new owner is watching her over CTTV. He also explains that today is an orientation session to test her to find out her limits. He then removes the wrist and ankle shackles. He tells her to strip and put on thigh high nylons.

When she is done, Juliette stands up and goes to a mirror standing against the wall. She looks at herself in it. The man stands behind her with a large ball gag and holds it in front of her face. She opens her mouth wide without being told and he pulls the gag into her mouth and secures it behind her head.

The man brings over a bullet vibrator. She bends over without being told while the man lubricates it. He then inserts it into her vagina and puts the control unit in the stocking top.

Now the man brings over the vibrator belt. He straps it around Juliette’s waist.

The man brings over leather straps and binds her wrists and elbows together.

He pulls Juliette over to one side of the room, then rolls in a slave chair into place. Juliette watches the man intently as he prepares the chair. She has to sit on the chair and he places her ankles in the shackles. The man brings over two heavy leather straps that he secures over her thighs.

Next he removes the neck shackle and then secures a wooden neck stock around her neck.

The man brings over a rubber, inflatable harness breather gag. She looks at it fearfully. The man removes the ball gag. Juliette gasps and opens her mouth without being told and the man places the plug of the breather gag in her mouth and pulls the strap behind her head to secure it tightly. He takes the pump of the gag and begins queezing it. Juliette’s eyes grow wide.

He then leaves the scene while the camera looks at Juliette’s face.




Swallow It, Slave


44:29 minutes

It knocks at the door. The doctor opens the door and closes it after he saw slavegirl Juliette. She was not in the right position. After a few seconds it knocks again. He opens the door and slavegirl Juliette kneels naked on the floor with stretched neck. He goes around and lays a leatherbelt and a rope and handcuffs beside her. He will open the door in 5 minutes and he hopes that she knows what she has to do with the handcuffs and the leatherbelt. He closes the door again.

After a while he opens the door and Juliette kneels on the floor. She is blindfold with the leatherbelt and her hands are cuffed behind her back and the rope is tied around her waist and pussy. He takes the rope and Juliette has to stand up and they go to another room.

Juliette stands on the wall. She wears a leather corsage. A thin leatherband ties her thumps like a reverse prayer. Her neck is stretched. The man comes in with a riding crop and strikes her ass. He puts the crop in her ass and sits on a chair. He commands her to come to him. As she turns around we see clothepins on her nipples. She goes to him and he takes out the crop. He wants to know if she is able to do a deep throat and she replies that she exercised a lot and she hopes that she is good enough. He put a vibrator between her legs. She rubs her pussy on the vibrator. He strikes her with the crop on her breasts and put the riding crop in her mouth and leaves her. She is very submissive and whispers ”Thank you master”.

After a while Juliette stands again on the wall. She wears boots and a miniskirt and a blouse. She has a dildo in her mouth. The man commands her again to come to him. He takes the dildo and asks her if she can do a deep throat with the dildo. Juliette takes the big dildo and licks it and blows it like a dick. After a few minutes the man is really horny. He takes the dildo away and put out his dick and comes on her face and lips. Juliette tries to swallow. The doctor decides that she can stay. He leaves her and she takes the dildo and puts it in her mouth and kneels on the floor with spreaded legs and stretched neck.




I Want To Be Your Slave XXL


54:57 minutes

As the doctor opens the door Juliette sits naked in front of the door. Her master was not satisfied with her. That's why she is again here.

They go in the bedroom. There is a table with different bondage equipment. Juliette wears stockings and high heels and a rope is attached to her hair. Now she takes a vibrator and tape and attaches the vibrator to her crotch area with the tape. She gags herself with a penisgag and cuffs her hands behind her back. She kneels on the floor and stretches her head backwards. The doctor watches her the whole time.

Now the man attaches nippleclamps to her nipples and ties her with a long rope. He also ties her elbows strong together.

The vibrator is on now and he strokes her neck.

Later you can watch her while she kneels in front of his desk. She is naked and regagged. She still wears the nippleclamps. The doctor ties her elbows together. She has to bend over his desk.

He wants to test her if she can give him a deep throat. He fucks her mouth. It's not easy for Juliette to do this with tied elbows.

Later she gets a new challenge. In front of a mirror she has to stand with strechted neck and with a dildo she has to fuck her pussi. The doctor watches her while she is doing this.

He ties her in a hogtie on the bed and also on the floor. Juliette is really submissive and tries her best. But she has no idea if the doctor is satisfied with her.




Juliettes Punishment II


54:41 minutes

Juliette is is dressed in a long bathrobe, open and pulled down her shoulders to her waist. Underneath she is wearing a white bra and panties. A silver slave collar is secured around her neck. A chain is attached to the collar and the other end to the wall. Her wrists are shackled in front of her and her ankles are also in shackles. A chain connects the ankle shackles to the wrist shackles. She is standing in the corner opposite the door. The room is very dimly lit.

A man enters and turns on the light. He goes over to Juliette and removes the chain from her collar. Juliette knows that she has to receive two hundred strokes with a cane across her breasts, and her nipples will be clamped. Now the man starts. He unshackles her ankles, then her wrists and Juliette has to remove her clothes.

When she is naked the man takes a leather strap and pulls her wrists behind her back, strapping them together tightly. He does the same with her elbows. Next he pulls the arm-binder up her arms and laces and straps it tightly in place.

Now the man tells her to kneel down. She does so and he pulls her head back then stuffs a white cloth into her mouth. He then presses a piece of black tape over her mouth. Next he pulls a leather hood over her head and laces it up the back. He then brings over the panel gag and straps it tightly over the hood. Next he brings over the posture collar and straps it tightly around her neck.

Juliette is laying on the table with her head on one edge. The man comes over carrying a long, black rope. He lifts her feets and ties the rope from the ceiling to her ankles. He secures another length of the black rope tightly around her knees. The man pushes a butt plug into her body. Juliette squirms and moans.

Now the man  is carrying a long cane rod. When the first stroke hits, she writhes and screams loudly. The man continues to strike her slowly at times and at others striking her several times in rapid succession. Juliette screams and twists and writhes as he does. After 100 strokes the man stops and looks down at her. He attaches two clothepins with tape on her nipples. Now he brings over a vibrating dildo. He walks to her hips and holds them apart as he pushes the dildo in slowly. He turns the vibrator on and Juliette arches her back and moans. Suddenly the man strikes her with the rod.  Finally, the man stops. Juliette is on the verge of an orgasm and her body convulses as she screams extremely loudly. She thrashes her head and arches her back as the orgasm explodes within her.